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The Man Behind the Mozart Horn Concerti

The Mozart Horn Concerti are perhaps the most important solos any horn player, whether it be a student or professional musician, will ever perform.  Not every instrument is fortunate to have works by Mozart within their repertoire but clearly Mozart enjoyed writing for horn as there are a total of four horn concerti.  What many […]

The Changes in Singing: Exploring Vocal Performance Practices from the 19th Century to Today.

When it comes to performance practice, the voice has gone through tremendous changes over the years. Each period of time made a contribution to the practices we follow now. To narrow this topic, let’s explore the vocal performances practices of the 19th century till today. Vocal Performance Practices in the 19th Century The nineteenth century […]

The Perfect Cadenza: A Comparative Analysis of Versions of the Glazunov Saxophone Concerto Cadenza.

One of the most characteristic features of the Concerto in E flat major for alto saxophone and string orchestra, op. 109 is its long and complex cadenza in the middle of the piece. To understand the characteristics of this cadenza and why there are so many variations of it, it is necessary to know that cadenzas are not always written on the score, since most of them are […]